About us

MV Center Vision systems

MV Center designs, builds and implements machine vision applications based on smart cameras as well as high-performance embedded systems.

Smart solutions

Our solutions guarantee a 100% quality control of products and enable their users to improve the quality as well as to increase the efficiency of production processes. We are successfully implementing our applications in the industry:

  • Automotive
  • Plastics Processing
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Packaging
  • Electronic
  • Manufacturers of household appliances

… and wherever vision inspection techniques can help our customers meet their quality, productivity and growth goals.

3D Robotics

An increasing range of products in production demands greater flexibility in automation systems, which require increased production speed and efficiency. The high-speed processors now available allow us to build systems for the analysis of images in three dimensions for robot applications in the following tasks: – palletisation – depalletisation – quality control. Our services include removing randomly placed products from collective packaging (random bin picking) as well as products packed in bags and shrink-wrapped film (random bag moving). Together with our partners, we offer 3D machine vision applications with modern architectures to build intelligent, self-learning solutions.

Vision Inspection of Production Process

Vision systems are performing increasingly sophisticated tasks. In addition to

The functions of shape, dimensions, position, printing or surface quality control, it also offers extensive possibilities in the area of collecting data from conducted inspections.

We offer solutions in the area of archiving results as images as well as other parameters and communication with IT systems or databases.

As a result, the information provided by vision systems is no longer used only by quality control departments.

More and more often they are also analysed by other departments, as in many cases the data on the parameters of the final product are the result of specific parameters of the production process.

We support our customers in implementing innovative solutions that become part of the closed loop in manufacturing facilities.They not only play an inspection role, but provide reliable process information and in many cases become part of the MES system

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