Inspection of aluminum castings

The project involved the creation of a semi-automatic robotic control station for aluminum castings. W projekcie wykorzystano robota ABB wraz z systemem wizyjnym KEYENCE XG-2200 oraz specjalistyczną optyką OPTO-ENGINEERING.

The purpose of the inspection is to indicate:

  • presence of the insert in the casting
  • Imprinting of the insert assembly element
  • jumping of the last coil of the insert during imprinting
  • presence of rivets
  • the color/size of the rivets fitted
  • The workpiece is placed in one of two slots, by the operator, while inspection is carried out by a camera mounted on the robot’s arm. The entire component is checked for approximately 30 seconds. Numerous borehole contaminations in the form of aluminium chips and hairs were a major challenge. However, with the solutions adopted, the inspection is carried out without any problems.
  • An interesting element of the programme is the data browsing application – the operator can view images from a given shift (OK or NOK parts only) searching by inspection date or ID of the given part.The programme allows you to view photos of each piece from each inspection.
  • In addition, the system has been equipped with the Master Parts – Poka Yoke function, thanks to which it is possible to verify the system 2x per shift.