TV Components

The project includes the delivery of 9 complete stations for vision inspection of TV components. The client is one of the largest manufacturers in Poland. Having ordered the first pilot station in 2016, tested it and optimized it, the customer decided to order another 8 stations, thus automating vision inspection on all 9 production lines in the plant located in Poland. Using manual linear movements allows for smooth adjustment of the station to changing types of receivers – i.e. different locations of the barcode, different sizes and thickness of the passing TVs.
Scope of Inspection:
  • Presence of mounting bolts
  • The correct position of all cable tapes
  • checking free areas and VESA studs (no cables neer)
  • Correctly fasten connectors
  • Correctly fasten the LVDS tapes
  • Correct routing of cables
The use of automated vision inspection stations eliminates errors that arise from imperfect inspections performed by employees It also makes it possible to avoid the costly process of disassembling receivers in case of detecting a defect in one piece of a given production set- as each receiver has a photo stored on the server, it is possible to check all the features of the assembly (even those that are not within the scope of automatic control done by the workstation), previously the manufacturer was forced to re-inspect the entire series.