Control of printing on eggs

Each egg released for sale must have specific information imprinted on it. MV Center has developed an inspection which consists of a constant control of the egg marking. Each egg on the line performs linear and rotational movement so that it can be inspected from all sides. The system differentiates printed and unprinted eggs – in case of detecting a defect it triggers light and sound signal, and it is possible to generate a signal “LINE STOP” after detecting e.g. 10 (definable from the operator level) consecutive defective pieces on the line.

The vision system can handle 12 egg transport lines simultaneously and has a maximum inspection capacity of 120,000 eggs/hour. The station is equipped with a touch screen operator panel showing a photo of the inspected parts and the results of the inspection with the possibility to make changes in the system settings (tolerance – after logging in), the information displayed on the panel includes

  • program selection
  • Live view of inspection photos
  • display of photos of the last defective products
  • Display of inspection statistics
  • access levels allowing to define competences of particular users for modification of inspections