Vision control of 3D glasses

For one of our clients we created 3 vision control stations, Each station has 7 Datalogic cameras to:

  • check for scratches and mechanical damage to the plastic frame of the glasses
  • check quality of print/logo on each temple
  • check for damage/dirt/inclusions on lenses and frames (defects at a size of 0.5 mm)
  • Check for eye lens curvature/deformation(5mm minimum diameter)
  • check correct polarity of each lens
  • check that the damaged parts are fitted correctly (check for breakage/damage and eye opening angle).

The entire unit was closed in a single compact and built-in workstation integrated with the customer’s conveyor belt. Inspection results are transmitted to the superior control system and displayed on operator panels.

Kontrola wizyjna okularów 3D