Vision inspection of sticking plasters

For our client, a manufacturer of dressing materials, we developed a vision system to control the position of a non-woven fabric on a plaster.

The challenge we had to overcome was to control 30 plasters in one second!

The plasters inspected were flesh-coloured, transparent and had prints on them.

Transparent, flesh-coloured and printed plasters were subject of inspection.

The system was developed with a very detailed reporting module including detailed statistics on:

  • the position of the plaster – incorrect distance of the plaster from the edge of the envelope
  • position of the non-woven fabric – incorrect distance of the non-woven fabric from the edge of the plaster
  • Non-woven angle – non-woven twisted beyond tolerance (the angle is measured in relation to the edge of the envelope)
  • Package start – error when the system fails to find the start of a package or when the entire package is very skewed or its position is impaired
Kontrola wizyjna plastrów opatrunkowych