Vision system for safety checks of the lancets

The task assigned to the system is to control the correctness of the manufacture of the safety lancet, used in insulin delivery devices, at the various stages of production.

The system consists of 3 workstations where 20 items on a pallet are inspected simultaneously. The stations are set according to the position on the machine:

  • Station 1 – Cannula height control, cannula tilt control, outflow control
  • Station 2 – Cannula tip control – detection of so-called “hooks”
  • Station 3 – Check for glue, body glue check, cannula glue detection

The system has an operator panel that allows users to view inspection results with photos taken, view statistics (general, individual slots or pallets), view rejected piece photos, or make changes to the video inspection settings.

System wizyjny do kontroli bezpiecznych nakłuwaczy